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Seller Success Story! 711 Marco PL - The Redemption of a Venice, CA Walk Street Home

In the heart of Venice, CA, on the iconic walk street named Marco PL, stood a house that had seen better days. Its once vibrant facade was now faded, and the years had taken a toll on its structure. The client, a long-time resident, had let the home fall into a state of deferred maintenance. The wear and tear were evident, and it was clear that the house needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

When I first visited the property, I could see the potential it held. Beneath the peeling paint and overgrown garden, there was a gem waiting to be rediscovered. However, in its current state, the home would only qualify for a land value price. The initial estimates suggested that if sold as-is, it would fetch around $1.7 million. But I believed that with the right touch, this house could be transformed into a dream home and fetch a much higher price.

I proposed a plan to the client: a 60-day cosmetic rehab. This wouldn't just be a simple makeover but a complete transformation that would breathe new life into the home. The client was hesitant at first, but after some persuasion, they agreed.

The next two months were a whirlwind of activity. The house was carefully emptied of the homeowner's items and family antiques, then thoughtfully staged for showings. The garden was pruned and landscaped, the interiors redesigned, and the facade repainted. Every detail was carefully considered, from the choice of tiles in the bathroom to the color of the front door.

As the days passed, the house began to shine. Neighbors would stop and stare, amazed at the transformation. The once-neglected home was now reborn.

When the makeover was complete, the results were astounding. Not only did the home look stunning, but its value had also skyrocketed. From the initial estimate of $1.7 million, the house now commanded a price of $2,175,000.

The redemption of 711 Marco PL was complete. The client was overjoyed, and I was proud to have played a part in restoring this Venice, CA walk street home to its former glory.

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